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Supercharge your outreach to close more deals

Empower your sales team by automating the repetitive parts of calling. Orum uses AI to help you reach more prospects and get your reps into live conversations quickly — while providing insights to improve your team’s performance.


Getting to a conversation shouldn’t be time-consuming

Did you know, on average, it takes 30 dials to have one meaningful conversation? With traditional tools, sales reps spend too much time dialing and not enough time in conversations. Orum’s Dialer uses AI to replace the manual process, connecting your team with more prospects than ever before.

WIthout Orum
With Orum

Gain insights to drive improvement

Orum provides actionable data for you and your sales team to identify common objections and areas for improvement to close more deals.


Use the Salesfloor to collaborate and learn

The Salesfloor helps your sales team build relationships with each other. It’s where your team can go to celebrate achievements and learn directly from their peers.


Integrate seamlessly with your sales CRM of choice

Orum integrates with Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, and Salesloft. You can be set up and running in minutes.