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Work smarter, not harder,
with AI

Dialing shouldn’t be a manual play. Orum allows you to reach more prospects, have better conversations, and integrates seamlessly with your current workflow.

Use an AI solution to reach more prospects

With Orum’s Dialer you can control your dialing speed by calling a single number or multiple in parallel. You have the freedom to control how fast you want to move to hit your goals.

Save time and
improve your data

Skip the manual data entry and let Orum’s AI automatically clean and update lists based on your call dispositions.

Keep leads engaged with sequences and voicemails

Track what sequences prospects belong to directly in the Dialer. Never lose a lead by leaving pre-recorded voicemails to increase the chance they’ll return your call.

High-quality audio for better conversations

Long delays and poor audio quality shouldn’t keep you from closing the deal of a lifetime. Use a dialer that has crisp, clear audio right from the start.