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5 free cold call objection talk tracks

These talk tracks will help you handle the most common cold calling objections with ease.

Use these easy-to-apply templates to go into your next call blitz with confidence.

Test out these objection handling templates on Orum with 500 free dials. Redeem here (no cc required).

Push through the most common objections

Openers are important. A tight value prop is key. But the reality is: once you get past the first 30-45 seconds, objections are where the call really begins.

What’s critical is that you have a framework to handle any objection, then have some quick talk tracks you can pop-in and practice so it becomes second nature.

So here’s what we’ve got in store today:

1. The Mr. Miyagi Framework: A framework we’ll use to handle ANY objection.
2. Five Cold Call Objections: We’ll handle five common objections using the framework above:

  • No budget
  • Call me in 6 months
  • Send me some information
  • I have it taken care of
  • Not interested