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Increased pipeline starts with a conversation

Orum uses AI to accelerate the manual process of calling. Saving you time to focus on what matters — having better conversations and winning more deals.

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How Orum Works

Accelerate your teams’ efficiency

Orum makes calling as efficient as email. It is built with AI to detect voicemails, filter out bad numbers, and automatically navigate phone directories; saving your teams hours of manual work every day.

More conversations, better prospecting

5x your sales team's call volume and save time to spend on prospecting more leads.

Seamlessly follow-up with prospects

Never lose a lead. Use pre-recorded voicemails and sequences from your sales CRM to keep prospects engaged.

Make data-driven decisions

Use insights and analytics to identify coaching opportunities and unlock your teams’ full potential


AI-powered dialing, Human-driven selling

Every deal starts with a quality conversation. Orum's Dialer eliminates manual work and places sales reps into more conversations with prospects.


All your tools working as one

Sync data seamlessly with the most popular Sales CRMs like Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach.


Bring back the buzz of an (in-person) sales floor

Do you miss the feeling of a high-energy, in-person sales floor? Learn from each other and feel the camaraderie of celebrating wins with your team again in Orum’s Salesfloor.


Find out why sales teams are calling Orum mission-critical to their success

Crunchbase Gained 400% in Call Productivity with Orum

Anthony Nava
Sr. Sales Development Manager


improvement in call productivity


hours saved per rep, per week


increase in connects

Orum has been a great catalyst for us — giving our reps more at-bats and more conversations, which has been a game-changer for our sales pipeline.

Brent Ghlone
Dir. of Sales Development, IntelAgree

Thanks to Orum, we’ve increased the number of meetings booked by 2x and have seen a 68% improvement in ramp time. These improvements help us generate a substantial pipeline, which in turn helps isolved reach our broader sales and revenue goals.

Mark Whisonant
Sr. Dir., Bus. Development, isolved

I love how quickly I can get through dials! I came from an environment where everything was manual and incredibly slow (required call logging but through a very time-intensive process). Orum makes it easy and quick to select a disposition and move to the next call.

Arlene McCoy
Co-Founder, Loron

Instead of hiring 20 more sales reps, I'd rather adopt technology that can help us achieve our goals. We can then deploy the money we’ve saved on hiring into other areas. For us, the use of technology is a strategic way to grow.

Matt McGill
VP, Inside Sales, QTS

In my demo with Orum’s team, our Sales rep booked a meeting right in front of my eyes within 10 minutes. My mind was just blown. I realized I could use Orum to speak to a ton of different people with all the information I needed about my contacts from Outreach and LinkedIn right at my fingertips.

Cody Tse
Dir. Sales Development, Workato

Orum makes calling as efficient as email. With power and parrallel dialers, you can save your SDR team thousands of hours and book more meetings.

Arlene McCoy
Co-Founder, Loron

Thanks to Orum, our reps would hit 200 calls in a day, a task that previously would have taken them an entire week. That’s a 400% improvement in productivity.

Headshot of Anthony Nava, Sr. Sales Development Manager at Crunchbase.
Anthony Nava
Sr. SDR Manager, Crunchbase

During the vetting process, Orum was clearly the most nimble. Orum could be implemented immediately, whereas competitive offerings would take a minimum of 120 days.

Tom Taylor
VP Digital Marketing, isolved

Orum helps me streamline my outbound activity and do more prospecting in less time. Orum allows me to reach 100+ prospects/day and track my success rate within the analytics page so I can strategize ways to improve my connect rate.

Jane Cooper
Co-Founder, Loron
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